Surf Skis

Addict Ski

The ADDICT is out there. The new elite level ski (replacing the Sharpski)  is proving to be a popular choice with its combination of exceptional speed with  stability, the harder you paddle the faster it goes. It exhibits great directional stability, and the solid hull lay-up now with Innegra make the hull stiffer and light, but still the AMK bullet proof build. Available in 2 cockpit sizes to make everyone happy (yeah right).
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Superstar Ski

Superstar ssuperstar surf skiki.  Andrew has developed this build over 20 years of making down river capable kayaks.  “I have been racing a boat of this construction for the past 2 years with no loss in speed and I’ve never even had any damage despite the ski ending up on some rocky beaches in good sized surf”-Richard.
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