Superstar surf ski


Flow Kayaks - Superstar


Length 5.95m long (19.52 feet)
Width at widest point 49cm (19.29 inches)
Weight 13.5 kg (29.76 pounds)
Construction Carbon / Kevlar (our standard build keeps a little give in the boat so that it is far more durable than those with have a honeycomb core which makes them very stiff but very fragile – Andrew has developed this build over 20 years of making down river capable kayaks. I have been racing a boat of this construction for the past 4 years with no losses in speed and I’ve never even had any damage despite the ski ending up on some rocky beaches in good sized surf)
Option of single venturi (standard) or Andersen super mini boat bailer (great if using o the river or mainly flat water) + $150 NZD
There is also the option of swapping the rudder between the under stern rudder and an over stern flip up rudder which can be very good if you paddle where there are a lot of shallows or obstructions underwater  – it only takes about 5 minutes to swap. Front nose loop in now standard as making it easier to secure while transporting.
Standard options are:
– All White
– White with standard coloured nose
– Top deck one sandard colour, hull white
-You can add any standard colour stripe to this options no extra charge
– You can also have the cockpit any standard colour
*note you can combine any of the above options for no extra charge.
Clear over carbon
Non standard colours
Whole boat coloured or clear over carbon. Please note due to UV and heat issues clear over & dark colours have limited conditions on warranty.
We can also do complete custom designs – these are priced on an individual basis

PRICE NZ$4500.00  ex factory. Contact us for other country price including freight