Aspire – For Beginner/Intermediate Paddlers

The Aspire is the latest offering in the form of a Multisport racing kayak from Flow and was designed for beginner intermediates and those that feel like they want a little more space in the boat. Known to be more comfortable, uber manoeuvrable, stable and maybe a little faster than other boats at this level, the Aspire is proving to be a winner! But don’t just take our word for it, the best guides of the Waimak love them too!

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 Rockstar – For Intermediate/Advanced Paddlers

rockstar kayakRockstar – Multi-sport Kayak.  The first collaboration between Richard & Andrew.  The Rockstar is designed to give intermediate to advanced paddlers more comfort and control in the widest variety of conditions possible. With an incredible amount of stability it means more focus in any condition can go into what counts – moving forward as fast as possible. In testing the Rockstar has been matching many of the “Elite” boats for speed on the flat-water and when it turns rough it leaves them for dead.

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 RUSH – For Advanced Paddlers

The last offering from the Richard/ Andrew collaboration, is proving to be a winner… Richard paddling the prototype to fastest time in the 2014 Coast to Coast Race. Ian Huntsman taking out the first 2 races in the Brass Monkey Series, proving if you want to be at the pointy end of the field you better get you arse into a RUSH. This boat is very stable considering its speed, the harder you paddle the faster it goes- very little stern squat,  climbs over wakes with ease. This is the next generation of elite multi-sport kayak, you will see at the front of the field at all the major events in the coming future!

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Sharp 6 – For Advanced Paddlers

Sharp 6.5 kayak

Sharp 6  The Sharp range of kayaks are all original designs by Andrew Martin.  First produced around 9 years ago they are still the boat of choice for many top Kayakers and Multi-sport racers.  Flow Kayaks own Richard Ussher has used a Sharp 6 for the last 4 of his 5 victories in the iconic Coast to Coast.

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